When I think about what defines me, my first thought is, “mother of two great kids.” But that’s not all that defines me. I have had a successful career as a film and video designer. In a small market, that means everything from set design and props, to costumes, to animation and editing, to makeup. I thoroughly enjoyed my work, BUT I had actually set out to be a journalist, or a lawyer, or a producer at Children’s Television Workshop, or a political staffer, or a spy. Taking these years off to raise my children has allowed me to step back and reassess my goals. As I emerge from this fog that has clouded my two pregnancies, infants and toddlers, I feel an idealism reminiscent of my college days. I feel the need to do something that not only matters, but something I love.

I’ve been trying to find/make my new niche for a while.

In the past six years, I’ve seriously researched:

  • Opening a day spa
  • Starting an organic market
  • Buying a dairy farm and converting it to organic
  • Working on a film crew for months at a time

I’ve considered:

  • Going to law school
  • Finishing my MFA in film
  • Becoming a lobbyist for sustainable energy
  • Selling my sewn articles on etsy
  • Homeschooling
  • Writing a book
  • Working at a fabric store

I have:

  • Run for the state legislature
  • Sold cheese at a farmers’ market
  • Participated in a strategic planning committee for my neighborhood charter school
  • Been a student ambassador to the U.S.S.R.
  • Researched Dusky Dolphins

When, as an old woman, I look back on my life, I imagine I will see these as my best years. Right now, I just feel confused!




  1. I love and connect with all your sentiments.
    Peace my friend!

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