Posted by: penelopefly | March 6, 2009

And I Feel Fine……

What if I post? Remember REM- Its the end of the world as we know it?  

If anyone has been following, they would correctly assume by the date of my last entry (exactly 24 hours before my first day of my MFA program) that I have been sucked into the vortex of deadlines, facebook, and, oh yeah, parenthood?  At the moment, I’ve been spit out long enough to say hello. I’m alive and well and working my ass off.

Everything I have to say about the residency and subsequent semester- how I like it, love it, manage my time is sure to sound like I’m stringing every cliche about love and fulfillment into a single paragraph. Cliches are my enemy and I root them out while I attempt to produce up to 40 pages of fiction, 2 critical essays, and a 10 page letter to my amazing faculty advisor every three weeks. I’m not known for my skills in on demand creativity and it appears I have a lot to remember about time management.  But I’m working on it. ….And I feel fine…..


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