Posted by: whirlabout | January 20, 2009

Toddlers in my New Sound Booth

whirlaboutpostI did it. I constructed my own portable sound booth for professional voice recordings. Home studio construction is another one of the topics I’ve been reading about voraciously  lately. After all my research, I settled on this version: the Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth.


Obviously, this set-up is not necessarily the cream of the crop for audio recording — no sturdy, sound-proof walls with glass windows allowing me to communicate noise-free with a director who’s listening from the outside — but it does do a very nice job with the type of recordings that I do at home right now (mostly auditions and custom demos).

It was super simple – a collapsible storage cube, some acoustic foam tiles, a low-profile microphone stand and pop filter connected to my condenser microphone and USB MobilePre preamp/audio interface. Plug it all into my laptop and presto! It’s time for take one.

My kids had that honor. Here’s my youngest trying twinkle twinkle.

And here’s my 5 year old with his own creation.

Hopefully I’ll be able to turn this portable sound booth into a little more than a fun and expensive toy.


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