Posted by: penelopefly | January 3, 2009

Flying Without Children

ulyssespostHappy New Year Butterflies!  My last post found me speculating whether I had what it takes to pull of a vacation, a big santa christmas, another vacation, a birthday party and be ready to show up for my first day of graduate school on January 3rd.  The answer: yes, yes, yes and yes…and somehow managed to live each moment fully. I did discover 3 new grey hairs however (true story).

This morning began at 4:30am.  My husband was up with my first movement offering to brew me a cappuccino and holding my hand as I struggled to stay confident saying goodbye.  My six year old daughter woke with my kiss and I had to walk out the door to the sound of her weeping. Can you say broken nerves? I’ve never been away from my girls for more than 2 nights ever!

Off to the airport for the first time flying without children in over five years! I never thought crowed terminals and crammed planes could feel like a spa vacation.  A 5am phone call assured me that all was well at the home front.  During the flights I managed to critique 4 manuscripts and finish The Island of Dr. Moreau and an additional short story.  

As my plane descended over Asheville, NC, I was surprised by the mountains and rivers.  This place is so peaceful and beautiful. I felt a great calm.  

Now I’m in my hotel room having just devoured a bbq sandwich,  glass of Shiraz, and a chocolate torte.  My luggage isn’t getting here until midnight (Thank you Delta) though I’ll be well into my sleep- two earplugs as I have no need to listen for night cries.

Tomorrow I get a leisurely morning before heading ten miles into the mountains of the Warren Wilson campus. Stay tuned…..



  1. Wow! Graduate school…away? How long will you be in NC? Happy New Year!

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