Posted by: penelopefly | December 16, 2008

How to Gain 5 Pounds in 5 Days

ulyssespostA quick follow-up to my last post: of gingerbread men and breast cancer… all is well.  Six squishy photos later and my breasts received an all-clear!  phew and phew.  

Just spent five delicious (I mean five extra pounds delicious) days with my family at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada.  If I was feeling proud of my regular bikram yoga practice, trail runs, and Moosewood cookbook eating habits, I am now feeling equally horrendous having drunk several mochas per day, stuffed myself with english butter tarts, and eaten decadent restaurant food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What was supposed to be about holiday lights and cozy christmas shopping somehow turned into a glutton’s fiesta.

Now, satiated and back home (loads of laundry later) I turn all my attention to getting last minute presents, packing for our Christmas trip, packing for our post Christmas trip, making sure my daughter’s birthday party is ready to go by the time we return, oh- and packing for Asheville.  Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, can I do it?  Stay tuned as the countdown to Christmas, a birthday, and being prepared for my first semester of graduate school moves into single digits.


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