Posted by: whirlabout | December 12, 2008

Where I Find Answers – A Sneak Peek Into One Woman’s Brain

whirlaboutpostI have a trick for you that I swear works. Whenever I’m having trouble thinking, focusing, or finding resolution on any subject, I go for a trail run. Wait! Don’t leave me yet….first, check out my most frequent spot.

creek loop trail

And just for kicks, here are my rug rats on the same trail in winter.

snow walk

boys throw snow

Now, I know not everyone likes to run, or even exercise. But really, to clear your mind and let the creative juices flow, I believe you need to get your body moving, in total isolation, somewhere in nature. I’ve noticed I need all three criteria to make this process work.

When I’m running, walking, hiking, biking, whatever… my body somehow moves my thinking into a higher gear. It’s like a stimulant. My brain gets more creative, in a more positive flow.

Being in nature is innately uplifting. You’re free from distractions of human conversation, manmade sounds, advertisements, phones, TV, email, chores — anything that easily pulls you away from the thought process you need to follow. In nature, you begin to feel a gentle encouragement from waving grass, fluttering leaves, the twittering birds, or a gurgling creek.

And isolation is a given. Your brain can’t flow freely while someone else is interrupting your thoughts. Even if they’re not talking, their presence impacts your thinking. Maybe you’re watching their rhythm, or thinking about how they’d react to your thoughts, or just mumbling under your breath, “man, they’re moving too fast today!”

With all three factors there, simple ideas for resolution come to me every time. I may not always find the answer, but I do get a head start.

It’s how I chip away writers block or settle business strategies and negotiations. It’s where penelopyfly felt encouraged about her upcoming writer’s program. Heck, it’s where we came up with the idea for this blog (ok, that time I wasn’t alone, but penelopyfly and I were bouncing creative juices off each other on the same topic).

Get your body moving, alone, in nature. And I swear, you’ll start to hear the creative juices flowing.


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