Posted by: whirlabout | December 7, 2008

Using the Internet as Your Classroom

One of my favorite things to do when researching a career in voice-over is to listen to podcasts, webinars and teleconferences from other VO professionals. You see, I live a long way from the booming media markets of Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. That would have been a career killer years ago – and sure, those are the places to be for true VO stars. But the internet has made it possible to do this type of work from just about anywhere, if – and this is a big if – you have a solid foundation of training and practice under your belt. For folks like me who live outside the big media towns, it’s amazing how many resources you can find online to give that process a jump.

For example, one of the top ten VO performers cast in animated programs offers up a whole slew of free lessons on his Web site. Pat Fraley has an MFA degree in acting from Cornell University. The man gives his knowledge away in five to ten minute downloadable lessons on improving voice over work. I’m talking about everything from combating performance fear to how to use your voice when interacting with sound effects, music, and processing.

Of course, you’ll find tons of information at the leading online voice marketplaces such as and I like the weekly podcast with renowned voice over coaches from all over the world, talking about their own tricks of the trade.

Recently, I dialed into a free teleconference with the folks at the VoiceActing Academy on how to make a solid demo – a fundamental tool of every voice actor. This seminar delivered more than I expected, going beyond the standard “keep it snappy, fill it with variety, and put your best work at the top” advice. They also gave actual critiques of voice-over demos submitted by other callers, allowing us to compare other actors’ work with our own.

To me, these podcasts and webinars feel more like sitting in a classroom than reading the assigned text books. Of course, there’s plenty of reading out there too – in blogs and articles written by working voice artists. All of these resources are a huge help. It just takes a little digging to discover your own online classes to help improve the chances of making a career work.



  1. As the internet is widely used today the resources of information became infinite that opens up opportunities to every individual to learn and discover new things.

  2. Yes, an amazing resource! I’m amazed at how many doors it can open – in all aspects of life.

  3. Thank you for mentioning Voice Over Experts on your blog and I’m thrilled that you are finding our resources to be useful and enjoyable 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Co-founder of

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