Posted by: penelopefly | December 2, 2008

Out of the Start Gate

ulyssespostThere are exactly 23 days until Christmas, 30 more until my daughter’s 6th birthday, and precisely 31 days until I board a plane for North Carolina to begin my graduate school experience at Warren Wilson’s MFA program for Writers. In my life before children, a month was ample time to prepare for a big event. But, these days, add two young girls to the mix and four weeks feels like one. My calendars still say October!

The materials: several books and twelve peer manuscripts, just in time for the holidays. I marvel at the idea that I will somehow Christmas shop, ho, ho, ho, prepare for a birthday, read all this material, make intelligent comments on them, and gather everything I need for a life-changing 11-day trip.

Yet, let me tell you this: by my desk at the window sits a stack of books by
, Graham Greene, HG Wells, Brothers Grimm, and Lydia Davis. In the mail, arriving any day, a package of fresh stories from bright and talented writers whom I will soon have the honor of meeting. Does it get any better  than this? All these years of thinking to myself, what if I could; what if I really tried to do this?  Can someone pinch me?



  1. I’m so proud that you are giving this a shot! It will be such a wonderful time of growth, and you won’t have any more years of wondering, what if!

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