Posted by: bluewave22 | November 24, 2008

Politics Anyone?

bluewavepost In my state legislative district, lives the Majority Leader of the House. Although he’s made many decisions that have not been in the best interest of his constituents, or our state, he was uncontested the past two elections. People were either afraid of angering him, or too apathetic to care. I knew I should run against him, and had always thought that when my kids were too old to need me (does that ever happen??), I would run for office, but not now, not yet. Then, Barack Obama came to town.

Seeing him was emotional and inspirational. The words he spoke were so true and so timely. Americans wanted change, and here it was. Not only were his words inspiring, but so were the 1,000s of people who came to see him and the brilliant energy in the stadium.  I know many there were motivated to volunteer on his campaign. I was motivated to run one of my own. I knew it was a bad time with two small children, but they were also so much of my inspiration. If our state continues on its current path, my children will not experience the beautiful, pristine place I love. I also knew it was an uphill battle against the majority leader in a district that heavily votes for the majority. If I could be one who started to beat down the path to a more balanced legislature in our state, one that puts its citizens and places first, I will have succeeded. That success will have to satiate me for now, as I did not win my bid for a seat in our legislature. But I will be there. Watching…taking notes… talking to constituents, and reminding parents of young children that decisions made now will affect not just them, but their children and their grandchildren.  These are things I can do while my children are still young. I know that wherever my “flight” takes me, it will be in this direction.


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