Posted by: bluewave22 | November 17, 2008

Call to Action

I never thought I would be a stay at home mom. Never. I liked my career and it was finally beginning to go in a direction I loved. When I had my son, I held that tiny little baby and could not for a minute imagine handing him over to someone else to raise. So I stayed home and was fortunate to be able to continue a bit of freelancing. After a couple of years and another baby, freelancing became stressful, so I began to cut back.

As a mother, I felt so much weight on every single decision I made. From breastfeeding to bottle, organic or commercial, television or not, screaming or explaining…again. Being a mother is so very meaningful, it would be difficult for me to go back to a career that wasn’t.

After a few months of not working, and fewer and fewer intelligent conversations with adults, I started to spin. I sought nights out with women friends for conversation to wake up my brain, but often found myself talking about who said what to who, what this school did to that child, and who was dating who. I found the politics we cared about had shifted to the school board and PTA. Not only did most not know who represented us in the state legislature, most didn’t care. I began to follow our legislature more closely and was surprised to notice what I hadn’t in all those years I’d been involved, women and mothers of young children were sorely underrepresented. This was my call to action…


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