Posted by: whirlabout | November 13, 2008

Metamorphosis – In Life, Science, and Writing a Blog

Funny how we came up with the name “Blog of the Butterfly.” It was one of those Aha! moments that Oprah always talks about.

We were on a trail run, Penelopyfly and I, discussing how to reinvent our careers. It’s a favorite topic of ours – has been for more than a year – and is something we continually encourage each other to squeeze into the daily grind.

We rambled along the dusty trail, recalling early ambitions and achievements followed by frustration, let-downs and feeling trapped in our jobs. This shifted easily to a whole-hearted jump into family life, pouring all energy into the love and safety of a mother and her baby at home. Then, after years of nurturing, a restless desire stirred inside, urging us to focus a little more on ourselves.

Kind of like a butterfly! We gasped, as we weaved through the sage brush. We’re encased in cocoons and ready to fly!

We laughed about how eerily similar the life cycles are… ours and the evolving butterfly.  We joked about being worms in our early careers, awkward and growing fast, naked to the world, even shedding our skin (or changing jobs) several times to accommodate growth. Then, like a pupa, we hunkered down at home, focused on raising our babies, not really able to – or even wanting to – spread our own wings. All the while, we continued to change and grow. And now, as our children slowly gain the independence that comes with school age, we have this tremendous opportunity to burst into flight, reinvent our careers, our professional identities, to do things the way we want to do them.

Wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, to support one another by writing down our journeys? Support our friends, our sisters, even women we don’t know, who are going through the same process? Blog of the Butterfly… Aha!

Sure it sounds romantic, and maybe a bit hokey. But, for us, the analogy is dead-on.

Can’t you just hear cocoons starting to crack?



  1. Beautiful.

  2. […] where penelopyfly felt encouraged about her upcoming writer’s program. Heck, it’s where we came up with the idea for this blog (ok, that time I wasn’t alone, but penelopyfly and I were bouncing creative juices off each other […]

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