Posted by: penelopefly | November 6, 2008


While running trails today I found myself daydreaming about being Barack Obama. Not wishing I was married to him, but thinking how nice it would actually be to BE him. I have never, ever aspired to the office of president; my 2 year stint as an elected school board member rapidly eroded any allusions about the glory of a political career. However, I did spend my entire adult life before having children working within community organizations toward the single vision of making this country a better place to be a child.

By the time I left my work to stay home with my daughter, I was tired. Exhausted from fighting a battle that only a few seemed to care about. Tired of traveling all over a conservative state trying to craft a message that would resonate. Frustrated with a political climate that didn’t support the issues that I considered vital. When I quit, I stopped volunteering. I denied requests to serve on boards and advisory committees. I went to a few meetings, then I disappeared. I poured all my energy into parenthood and I completely turned my back on what had been a 14 year passion for making a difference.

This January, about the same week of the inaugural ball, I will be starting a graduate program for writing. To say that I am excited is an understatement. I’ve wanted to take my interest in writing fiction to the next level for many years. However, when I hear our president elect talk about service and community organizing; when I read about his vision for people living in the South Side of Chicago, I can feel all that old fire stir me up. I want to run right out there and do that thing again. I cry.

So, maybe its not really that I want to be Barack Obama. Maybe I just want to thank him for igniting that spark, thank him for agitating my apathy. Now when I think about my writing, I have new energy and direction to pour into it. When I think about my former colleagues, I might actually pick up the phone and see what I can do.

In what ways has this election inspired you?



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