Posted by: whirlabout | November 5, 2008

Baby Steps

I made a phone call today. That doesn’t sound very impressive, but this call was about an intensive voiceover training workshop that I’ve contemplated taking for more than a year. A no-brainer, perhaps, for someone like me, trying to expand her career as a voiceover talent. But the thing is… this workshop isn’t cheap. And it’s in San Diego. So there’s airfare, a hotel, rental car and getting a pass from my husband to fly away for an extended weekend while he’s at home watching the kids.

I realize that you have to spend money to make money. But I’ve put off investing in my career because, once I do, I should also up my efforts to actually move my it forward. And with that, comes the risk of failure — the possibility that this new career won’t happen at all.

Sure, I do freelance voiceovers locally. And I do make some money at it. But I live in a fairly small market and the jobs come from contacts I made while in TV news. To really make a living in this field, I need to step back and learn the basics (which are different from the skills used in TV). I need to study paths others have taken. Evaluate where I am and then determine how to market myself in this competitive, international field.

Making that call was actually doing something about it, instead of just thinking about it, no matter how small that doing might have been. And it felt pretty good.



  1. Congratulations Whirlabout!! Baby steps lead to the real deal. As our new president elect would say, “Yes, you can!”

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