Posted by: penelopefly | November 4, 2008

Latte with jalepeno

It is 5:30 am, and in an effort to keep the house asleep, I steamed my eggnog latte with a dishtowel slung over the top as a muffler. I used the same dishtowel to screw the lid on the thermos. Apparently this was the dishtowel that I used to wipe the jalepeno seeds from the counter last night.

This is the very thing my husband warns me about. The exact thing that disgusts him about my kitchen habits. I am currently trying to convince myself that the spice is adding something to my morning fix.

I am ever hopeful about this day, and the jalepeno incident is concerning. I typically like to start my morning feeling energized and inspired, not with flaming lips. Eggnog and chili peppers do not mix. (though I do like a touch of chili in my mocha….have you tried this?)

This is the time for me to write, not blogging, but creating and working on my fiction. Did I tell you I’m a fiction writer? Probably not. I’m still trying to tell myself that I’m a fiction writer. That I got in to Warren Wilson (a prestigious low-residency MFA program) is a bewilderment. I float through my days with this happy knowledge in the back of my mind: people value my work enough to let me into their program. Immediately I also think: can I do this? My grammar is horrible, I’m too old, I don’t the enough time, I can’t leave my children for 10 days, I lack proper discipline, I’m not as brilliant as Charles d’Ambrosio or Tony Doerr, I’m not hilariously profound like Amy Hempel.

Here is the paragraph where I should close with some uplifting statement that inspires myself and others. A line about how none of these worries really matter. I am unique and worthy, and so are you reader. It’s true. Now, with the promise of fresh coffee brewing, I ask, what do you hope to accomplish with your day?


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