Posted by: whirlabout | November 4, 2008

Being a Mom is an Occupational Hazard

When your voice is your work, good health is critical. That’s why, for me, being a mom is an occupational hazard.

In just two days, I’m scheduled to speak into a microphone for five hours. My voice will put the meat into a project that an entire team has worked diligently for months to build. My contribution is a final component. And my delivery will shape the overall impression the finished product makes.

Alas, I have another cold.

Some germ probably hitched a ride on my son’s backpack, or traveled on his hands from shared crayons. Maybe it was the sloppy, innocent kiss my youngest got in the sandbox. Who knows? True, I caught colds before, but this many? We wash hands, use sanitizers, all that good stuff. Still, the germs seem to fly through our house like a tornado.

This particular illness started nine days ago. It started in my throat. I immediately lost my voice. Two days of whispering preceded what then sounded like a smoker gargling gravel. Finally, the bug has started to leave my throat. It’s heading where? Oh lucky day… my nose. I’m now graced with a palpable nasal hum. A tickling cough jumps in here and there just in case I forgot about that recording session on the horizon.

Will I have to reschedule? Will I come across as professionally unreliable? I’m eating all the vitamin C I can, trying my best to answer those questions with a “no.”


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