Posted by: penelopefly | November 3, 2008

Finding time…

I set my internal clock to 6am each morning- exactly one hour before anyone in my family should wake up. On good days, I follow a blind path through the living room and turn on the burner. Only this flame lights my kitchen. The coffee is already ground and waiting in my french press. As it steeps, I turn on my computer. Now there is a blue glow. I go nuts if someone (read my husband) has mistakenly left the sound on allowing the machine to start up with a bellowing musical note.

On the lucky mornings, coffee warming my hand, silent house, I write. I work on stories, resist the temptation to surf the web. I make up people’s lives, I imagine their clothes, hair, mannerisms, relationships. For a fulfilling 45 minutes, I have this world to myself. And then I hear ….”maaaamaaaaaaa”, my parenting day begins.

How do you find a little time for you?


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